How highly sugared food and drinks are affecting our bodies?

ChiangmaiDental/ May 12, 2016/ Health, Posts/

In today’s world sugar is almost everywhere. We have constant access to almost any kind of candy human brain can think about and sugar is put also in products that are not sweet at all. For example many breads and rolls are stuffed with sugar and it can be found also in every juice and other drinks. After drinking or

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Avoiding dentist is no good for your health

ChiangmaiDental/ April 2, 2016/ Posts/

People often seem to be afraid of dentists. They associate this specialist doctor with pain and sorrow and they do whatever possible to avoid any visit at dental clinics. While visits at dentist’s might be painful and you may identify them as really unpleasant experiences, they are in fact beneficial to your health. As a matter of fact, when we

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How to properly take care of our teeth?

ChiangmaiDental/ March 15, 2016/ Posts/

Visit in a dentist office is something that almost none of us look forward to. Mostly because there is very small posibility that we won’t feel any pain during but. However many experts and dentists emphasize that there is a way to avoid dentist and dental treatment for a very long time. First and the most important thing is obviously

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Chiang Mai Dental Hospital Dental Health

ChiangmaiDental/ February 25, 2016/ Health/

Knowlege of dental health.Teeth and gums are part of the body. Having a healthy oral cavity gives a good, strong healthy mental health attitude. “How does a healthy oral cavity effect good, strong health?” Having healthy teeth helps the effective chewing of food and prevents oral infection. This leads to an advantageous relative body system, for example: digestion system, food absorption, respiratory channel and nervous system. When you have

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